first sketch of the bench design
first testout for the bench
texture poping out from the cut
second testout for the bench
2015-05-11 20.50.36.jpg
giving a wrinkled texture to the wood structure of the bench
skin tone spray paint applied on fabric
top view from the final prototype of the bench
textures hidden in the incisions
textures coming out from the incisions
neoprene cut piece before testing
aging the fabric with use of sandpaper, xacto blade, razor blade
2015-05-11 09.45.19.jpg
2015-05-11 09.45.35.jpg
cutting holes in fabric
puring silicone on the fabric that will drip from the holes
2015-05-11 14.12.07.jpg
2015-05-11 14.12.15.jpg
shapping thermacol as a mold for the fabric to sit and puring silicone from the back
2015-05-11 14.11.20.jpg
2015-05-11 14.12.01.jpg
reusing silicone scraps, placing them on the fabric piece and unite them by transparent silicone
2015-05-11 14.42.12.jpg
stitching plastic mesh on fabric and uniting them by transparent silicone
2015-05-11 14.42.33.jpg
2015-05-11 14.42.42.jpg
giving texture to silicone by wrapping it in plastic bag to have a wrinkled skin texture
2015-05-11 10.32.27.jpg
2015-05-11 10.32.52.jpg
Soft Construction course inspired me to create details for my thesis project
close-up view from the rubber applied under mesh fabric
final detail from the project
custom t-shirt made for thesis presentation
2015-05-06 11.23.26-1.jpg
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